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Thank you for your interest in Au Pair Agency Bournemouth.  We have endeavored to lay out the necessary information below.  If you are pushed for time, stop here and call us instead, we would be happy to explain all you need to know in person or by phone: tel 01202 532600, or mobile number 07949205771.   Otherwise read on….

AU PAIR AGENCY BOURNEMOUTH officially opened in 1977 and, as you would expect, our contacts are equally efficient and reliable. We receive the majority of our applicants via these contacts, who supply us with a wide range of good candidates of all nationalities.



  1. We ask our Families to complete our application form and return it together with a registration fee of £35 before we undertake any work on their behalf, although, at our discretion, we may return this fee in circumstances where we are unable to proceed. The registration fee is only paid by the Family once.
  2. We will supply full details of a possible candidate including two references unless otherwise advised. The information is supplied by the applicants themselves and we always trust the references to be honest and correct. The Au Pair stay is not a contract of employment, but more of a "cultural exchange" and an invitation on the part of the Family to take a young person into their family. As such the exchange of information and the success of the placement depends largely on goodwill from both sides. If you agree to engage the prospective candidate we will officially invite her/him to England on your behalf, at which time we also ask you to forward a letter of invitation together with a photograph(s).
  3. In order for us to keep costs as low as possible we adopt a policy of charging the same fee for each placement which is £269for a long term applicant. In our experience most Au Pairs stay for the full academic year, and some will stay for 12 months (+). We also have short term summer applicants to cover the summer school holiday period at a reduced fee of £169 for 1-3 months. Discounts are available to those families that take a summer au pair followed by a long term au pair.
  4. Occasionally a person may return home considerably earlier than originally foreseen in which case we may be able to offer a reduction on the next placement. This is entirely at our discretion, but I think you will find us to be more than fair. If an Au Pair should leave within 14 days or if the arrangement is not satisfactory and we are informed within this time frame we will replace the candidate free of charge. Should no replacement be required/available we will reimburse the original fee less £45 for administration costs incurred. We invoice for the placement after the Au Pair has arrived, and payment is due within 14 days of the date invoiced.
  5. We repeat that success depends largely on goodwill and good communication and we are not in a position to guarantee the promised length of stay. In case of any problem or disagreement, however, we are always available to help. Our aim is to ensure that this is a happy and fulfilling experience for both Au Pair and Family alike - we offer continued support even after the Au Pair introduction has been made. However, should it become necessary for the Au Pair to leave we would ask you to keep us informed and give a fair notice period (i.e. approximately 7-14 days).


We look forward to working with you and are confident that we will be able to provide you with both an efficient and a personal service.

Should you wish to proceed, please email or call 01202 532600. Equally, if anything is not clear, or if you should require further information, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our office is open from 09:30 hours to 17:00 hours, Monday to Friday – we will be happy to help. In case of an emergency we can be reach 24/7 on 07949205771.

We will in no way share your personal information with third parites and work in accordance with the 1997 Data Protection act.

With best regards,

Andrea Rose

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